Micaela Ramirez

Founder & President

Micaela has always been a passionate believer in youth. In 2005, she received B.A.'s in Elementary and Spanish education. In 2014, she received her M.S. in Special Education with credentials in Mild, Moderate and Severe Disabilities. Through community and athlete support, she has been able to share her love with the youth teaching no goal or dream is too large to accomplish. Micaela donates most of her time sponsoring skate clinics and organizing professional athletes to speak about self-confidence and character building to the younger generations. She continues to travel the globe spreading the Poseiden Foundation’s philosophy

Jen O'brien

Athlete Relation 

Jen was the first female skateboarder to compete and win a medal in the X-Games. Since then, she has continued to pave the way for female skateboarders winning multiple first in her sport. She co-founded the Action Sports Coalition and which is a group dedicated to increase environmental awareness in board sports. She is also an outspoken advocate for non-GMO foods and an organic lifestyle within Action. She also urged the X-Games to up the prize purse and expand television coverage to female athletes. There is no question why she was inducted in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2016. 

Angela Rabreau


Angela Rabreau is a small business owner which specializes in Life science located in Carlsbad, California. Angela has always been highly involved in the San Diego and North County community. She is devoted to preventing gang violence and donates her time to the community by creating new opportunities for local San Diego and North County artists to showcase their talents. Angela Rabreau has been volunteering as a Board of Director for 13 years and continues to be a huge asset. 

Jeffrey Hill

Vice Chairman

Jeffery is an entrepreneur and strategic marketing specialist. He is well-known and globally respected for his quantitative research for consumer/ industry analytics that are geared independent projects based on client needs. He has over 40 years of experience in business development and brand building. Highly involved in helping youth with disabilities such as: Autism and Epilepsy. His motivation and drive are fueled by his passion to help others leading him to developing new health products that focus on fitness, athletes, physical therapist and the general public. He donates his time to Poseiden Foundation and has found a new love and passion for skateboarding, through Poseiden’s youth. 

Don Brown

80's Freestyle World Champion

Chris Murtgh

Foundation Advisor

Laura Thornhill

Pro Skateboarder - Hall of Fame

Jamie Russo

Movement Educator &
Education Specialist

Board of Directors


Don Sheffler


Jim Gray

Pro Skateboarder

CaraBeth Burnside

Pro Skateboarder - Hall of Fame

Tracie Garacochea

Adaptive Skate



Evelien Bouilliart



Eliana Sosco



Fabrizio Santos



Ivonne Domiguez Colombia

Nicol "Bob" Poblete 


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Daniel Suarez


Julia Hessler


Andrés Chong-Qui


Daniela Ramirez

Baja California, Mexico

Rachel Perez



Paola Romero


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