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The Poseiden Foundation skate sessions and clinics are multifaceted and involve many different activities including mini-skate contests, skatepark clean-ups, skating for a cause, as well as meet and greet of local skaters. 


We make our skate sessions and clinics as interactive as possible and create an atmosphere of education by teaching youth skatepark etiquette, getting adults involved with assisting youth, and hosting an occasional BBQ and community picnic to bring forth camaraderie and unity within the skate community.  


Poseiden always keeps their doors open to those locals who wish to participate in our various events and keeps the skate vibes positive by teaching youth the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle through skateboarding. 


We reach out to increase community awareness and participation of other action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, roller skating, and bmx. Poseiden Foundation hosts one of the premier events in Southern California called Ladies Day at The Berrics, an annual event, which was launched in 2008.

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