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Purpose and Mission

The Poseiden Foundation's Purpose is to enhance the quality of life and create positive outlets for youth in the United States, Latin America, and Globally through participation in alternative sports (Skateboarding). 

The Poseiden Foundation’s Mission is to inspire all youth through life-changing experiences to pursue their passions and to accomplish their dreams. Through empowerment, love, and support, we change the mindset of society by raising awareness of at-risk youth and homeless children within our community. 

Focus and Vision

Our Focus is to build confidence in youth by giving them a skateboard so they can ignite their passions, conquer their fears, and learn what’s possible when you believe in yourself. 


Our Vision is that together as a community, we can create a better future for our youth, make a positive impact, and Change the World! 

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Aspirations and Goals 

The Poseiden Foundation Aspires to achieve excellence in alternative sports by expanding skateboarding throughout the United States, Latin America, and Globally.   

Our Goals

100,000 skateboards to at-risk youth

Girl With Skateboard
Do Outreach

to 650,000 at-risk female youth


scholarships for youth to participate in skate events


the benefits of an active lifestyle


awareness of female skater athletes

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the tradition of Ladies Day at The Berrics globally

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Since 2005, the Poseiden Foundation has been  helping youth from any background to understand that by believing in themselves they can accomplish their dreams.

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