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humanitarian outreach 



at-risk youth & environmentalism

Fostercare, Orphans, and Homelessness

The Poseiden Foundation Humanitarian Outreach program teams up with other nonprofit organizations, city officials, and governmental programs to motivate and engage youth who may need a further understanding that they are capable, valuable, and are seen. 


Our community outreach includes activities such as creating community gardens for low-income communities, building homes for the homeless families, providing clothing for at-risk, orphaned, and foster youth, as well as visiting and donating supplies to low-income schools.


Each event is designed to be all-inclusive so that youth from any socioeconomic background can attend, give back to their community, build their self-confidence, and realize that they too are capable of accomplishing their dreams. 

Environmental and Ecotourism Programs

The Poseiden Foundation partners up with environmental programs and organizations to teach youth about the importance of becoming aware of their surroundings.  They learn about our footprint with the planet and how they too can affect their ecosystems with everything that they do. 


We give youth and professional athletes the opportunity to give back to our planet through activities such as beach and skatepark clean-ups, eco-tourism, and learning from local environmentalists.


Youth and professional athletes are also encouraged during our environmental events to participate and engage with the environment to learn about biodiversity and realize the importance of protecting our planet as a whole.


Poseiden Foundation has increased youth awareness of the importance of protecting our planet by facilitating opportunities for High School Skate Club members and created a co-conscious movement called Campus Beautification where students do community service and clean their campus and local parks.

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