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dream sharing


The Poseiden Foundation Dream Sharing Workshops program teams up with elementary schools, nonprofit organizations, skating, and private events to host and facilitate youth who are led on a journey that allows them to open up their imagination. 


The Poseiden Foundation developed a dream achieving guide in 2012 to offer a structured pathway for youth to cultivate their passions and accomplish their dreams.  The ten-step process is designed for youth of any age and socio-economic background. The Foundation mentors tailer the Dream Sharing Workshop in alignment with the venue’s time and goals. The mentors work with the youth to hone in on a particular passion or set dream they may have. Through a series of questions and answers, depending on their education level, the youth are led into defining and describing their dream through words and drawing.


Through the Dream Sharing Workshops, youth begin to understand what they are capable of and how to pursue their passions, set goals, conquer fears and accomplish their ultimate dream, by believing in themselves. 

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