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what people are saying
Please take the time to read our testimonials from people who have attended Poseiden Foundation Events.

We appreciate their kind words in sharing their experiences, insights, inspirations, passions, and dreams that are cultivated at our events.

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“ It’s so rad to see Poseiden bringing women together and celebrating women’s empowerment through skateboarding & helping to grow the women’s skate industry.”



“Poseiden Foundation gives female skateboarders recognition for their talents towards brands that are predominantly male owned. While these brands join forces with females, they can grow a more inclusive audience”


Jodi Castillo

“By hosting events like today that help get beginner skaters like me out of their comfort zone and potentially make new friends to further grow their passion for skating!”

Meaghan Leder


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“They provide skaters with an open sphere to connect with one another despite our differing genders.”

Darlene Cruz


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“PF works to break cultural barriers by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for both males and females to enjoy skateboarding.”


Shelby Martinez
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“Create a safe space for people to learn and be apart of a community is amazing”


Sierra Harbison

 “I love that they support people that otherwise may not be able to not only afford to skate or buy a board, but go to them and teach! It is so life changing! You just never know who you might affect. And then they in turn will pass on the joy! What could be better?”


Tracie Garacochea

 “Poseiden Foundation raises up female skaters with events like this and even in its instagram account and in my opinion it really makes me feel confident that there are no boundaries for us and that we have the same capabilities to be great as guys do.”


Sienna Jones

“It allows girls to connect with other female skaters which encourages more females to skate just as well as men. I feel like women get intimidated by men when it comes to skate, so having a support system is awesome. Men already have a huge support system within the culture, it just makes it more fair to give the same kind of support to the females. Just like in any other sport, There are two genders for each team.”


Brittney Robertson
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