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The Poseiden Foundation have been putting on women’s skate events at The Berrics for years, and their annual Ladies Nights are some of the most eagerly anticipated. On November 7, Poseiden is holding a very special Ladies Night featuring their very first Global Virtual Game of S.K.A.T.E.! Girls from all over the world have signed up for this competition—which begins today and also includes a goofy vs. regular contest—and there will be special guests galore! The Finals will be held here at The Berrics during the Ladies Night festivities, and will also be livestreamed through our @berrics social channels.

Not only are continents around the world represented, but sovereign nations skaters are representing each of their tribes within the Americas. And, because there are some bracket spots still available for Africa, each native participating in the Global Game Of S.K.A.T.E. will also be helping to raise awareness for female skateboarding in the continent.

Poseiden’s huge United We Skate outreach program has a goal of giving 100,000 skateboards to at-risk and homeless youth. In addition to this initiative, the foundation has also provided food for over 6,500 people; picked over 3,000 pounds of citrus; and collected over 50 pounds of honey for at-risk, low income, and homeless communities.

Here are some of the many events planned for this year’s Ladies Night: Skate clinics, sessions, and filming; a Best Trick competition (open to all skaters); a humanitarian outreach fundraiser, including a skate equipment drive, and an opportunity for the skate community to build homes for the homeless; and much more.

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In 2008, the Poseiden Foundation initiated an annual event called Ladies Day held at the Mecca of Street Skateboarding, “The Berrics” located in Los Angeles, California. Ladies Day has grown into one of the largest Female Street events and features some of the best female skaters in the world including Legend, Jen O’Brien, Natalie Krishna Das, Liza Grzeskowiak, Nicol Poblete, Patiane Frietas, and Professional skaters: Samarria Brevard, Leo Baker, Jen Soto, Nika Washington, Margielyn Didal, Eliana Sosco, and Leticia Bufoni. All of the Ladies Day participants come to share in the international skateboarding community, meet & greet with amateur and professional skaters, and experience skating at the iconic private skatepark known as the largest media outlet in skateboarding. Some Ladies also come to skate in the best trick competitions to gain recognition for their skate skills on a global stage in hopes of being posted on The Berrics website and show their friends. 

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This Gallery shows how Poseiden Foundation hosts one of the premier events in Southern California. 

Ladies day 

 at ca|tf

This Gallery shows how The Poseiden Foundation partners up with California Training Facilities to teach skateboarding at youth  

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This Gallery shows how the Poseiden Foundation hosts an international female event dedicated to the expansion of female participation around the world. 

Humanitarian Outreach
​Programs to Benefit Foster, Homeless, and Orphan Youth


The Poseiden Foundation spreads awareness about our Youth and Humanitarian Outreach Programs during all of its events including Ladies Day. At Ladies Day, our humanitarian outreach focuses on inner-city ladies through the platform of skateboarding to teach them about confidence, community, and being "the best you can be". 


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The Poseiden Foundation works with its partners, other educational programs, and skate industry companies to team up on our Humanitarian Outreach Programs. Our partners donate skate products, provide venues for our programs, and financial support. Partnering enables the Poseiden Foundation Outreach Program to speak at rural Schools, visit Orphanages, and give skateboard equipment and clothing to skaters that come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Donated products reach over 300+ youth with each tour stop and has reached up to 5,000 youth at Skateboards events. 



Companies donated Skateboard deck, Wheels, Trucks, Bearings, Hardware, Griptape, Skate Wax, Tech Decks, FingerBoards, Fingerboards Mini-Ramps, Shoes, Socks, T-shirts, Hoodies, Urban Decay, Make-Up, CBD Rub, Headphones, Sport Bras, Hair Ties, Stickers, Banners, Backpacks, Glasses, Earrings, Snowboard and Bindings, Wakeboard, GoPro, and Wallets.



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