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empowerment programs

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The Poseiden Foundation empowerment programs help kids from any background to understand that by believing in themselves they have the power to achieve their goals. 


In today's world, youth can get lost following negative outside influences or peer pressure, and feel that they are failing to achieve their fullest potential, leading to a lack of self-confidence or loss of self-esteem. When youth compare themselves to other youth, or to what they see on social media, or to the standards of the society they live in, they lose sight of all their uniqueness and what they can offer the world. 


Poseiden Foundation Mentors help empower youth to hone in on their strengths and turn possible weaknesses into opportunities to build self-confidence. Youth learn more about their skills, passions, and what inspires them. By understanding themselves, accepting their unique gifts, natural talents, and special abilities, youth develop their core values and belief systems.


They also learn the skills to make moral decisions they feel good about, and in turn have a strong sense of confidence and recognize that by focusing on positive influences and healthy behavior leads to their success. 

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