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The Poseiden Foundation teams up with the educational system both locally and internationally to deliver motivational speaking engagements that inspire children to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams. 


Our unique approach is specifically tailored to each school and targets what is most important for students to experience and understand. Our team speaks with Principals and staff to identify areas of lack students might be experiencing and what issues, topics, or subjects teachers feel are most important.


Many of the motivational speaking engagements we have done focus on anti-bullying, building empathy and compassion, academic engagement, how to create a passion, or cultivate a dream. Each engagement is interactive and has a Q &A portion and where students and staff get to know each other. Our main motto is “We Believe in You” and “You Can Accomplish Your Dreams”  with these phrases, we engage students to understand the importance of believing in themselves and how others believe in them as well. It's a powerful experience and gives them the opportunity to have personal growth and development. 


*We present our motivational speaking engagements during school hours and after school programs. Each speaking engagement is based on a sliding scale or scholarship. Please contact us if you are interested in having the Poseiden Foundation speak at your school or program. 

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