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Poseiden Foundation Joins Forces to Make Dominican Republic’s Skateboarders Olympic Dreams Come True

The Poseiden Foundation, Micaela Ramirez, and World Cup Skateboarding Founder, Don Bostick, teamed up to create a National Championship, being held April 29-30 2021, for the Dominican Republic’s Skateboarding Team to have a shot at earning the needed points to participate in the 2021 Olympics.

Don Bostick shared, “For many years we have enjoyed the skating of Daniel Cuervo in numerous park events here in California and we've cheered him on as he skated internationally in the Vans Skatepark Series. We look forward to seeing him skate on his home turf in the Dominican Republic, with valuable points for the Olympics on the line. Micaela and I, as Board Members of USA Skateboarding, are both very happy to represent and support Skateboarding in the Dominican Republic.”

The director of CRESCO, the largest Olympic platform of the Dominican Republic, as well as Mr. Manuel Luna, who works along side his team to ensure that all Dominican Olympic athletes can focus on their sports passions, will also be joining Micaela Ramirez and Don Bostick in the Dominican Republic to support the National Championship.

Daniel Cuervo, an ambassador for the Poseiden Foundation, was on his way to the 2021 Olympics representing team Dominican Republic, or so he thought until his countries skate park was not up to par to hold the Nationals, which is a critical point earning event to earn his spot in the 2021 Olympic Games. Upon realizing this, the Poseiden Foundation jumped into action with Poseiden Foundation’s Ambassador Augustina “Sista” Brarda of Argentina, skater since 1995; and organizer and judge in the Argentina skateboarding industry, who will be the head judge for this National Championship, and Manuel from the Federacion Dominicana de Patinaje, who have been working diligently to coordinate the Olympic qualifying Dominican Republic’s National Championships.

Thanks to the National Championships official sponsors, YOURIP; who are making the much needed repairs to the La Barquita skatepark, and to ES Shoes as well, for hyping up the Dominican Republic team, so that these talented athletes can continue to pursue their Olympic dreams.

Poseiden Foundation also continues with their United We Sk8 Campaign and is collaborating with the Dominican Republic SanSkate Foundation, a foundation that works to provide free skateboarding classes and creative outlets to the youth of the Dominican Republic. Together, SanSkate and the Poseiden Foundation will be bringing product and hosting a skate clinic on the newly renovated La Barquita skatepark, thanks to the

Dominican Republic National Team members, Poseiden Foundation’s ambassadors and sponsors, who will be donating their time to teach and share their love for skateboarding with the local kids.


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