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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The Ecuador trip consisted of 5 days of traveling and visiting orphanages and communities throughout the country. Joining the trip was the Poseiden Foundation’s Ambassador Andres Chong-Qui as well as professional athletes: Fabrizio Santos, Eliana Sosco, Ivonne Dominguez, and Laura Thornhill. The team held activities and competitions for over 50 males and 20 females with over 300 people engaged total. 

Micaela and crew!

We were able to build 7 homes for families in need and donated over $3,000 worth of supplies and products to the community making the trip a huge success. The Poseiden team and volunteers also met with the Eco-Tourism director to learn about the Ecuadorian environment and to teach locals the importance of reducing their environmental footprint.  

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kny jacobs
kny jacobs
Jul 12, 2019

Such an inspiration to see trips and events like these that give back to the community.

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